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 Fumigation at Bandari Clinic
Fumigation activity at Bandari Clinic (KPA), Mombasa.

COVID-19 Outbreak Response in Mombasa County

The index case of COVID-19 outbreak in Mombasa county was reported on 17th March 2020. The county responded by establishing a County Incident Management System, identifying three compulsory quarantine and one isolation facility, line listing cases and contacts, establishing an emergency call center and initiating home based contact tracing as well as rapid response.

As at April 1, 2020, Mombasa County had reported 4 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 3 of them being local transmission cases; the epidemic curve showed occurrence of possible community transmission from person to person, therefore necessitated enhanced active case search. Mombasa being a tourism hub with an international airport and sea port, there were possibilities that there were travelers from countries that had already reported COVID-19 cases thus creating chance for missed cases and contacts. The virus is highly contagious and so many cases and contacts were likely to have been missed in a high population density county like Mombasa.

Given the projected increase in number of cases and contacts, there was need for additional epidemiological support to the county from the national government and other partners. A team from Kenya FELTP was mobilized to assist the county in active case search, contact tracing and to capacity build the county in Rapid Response and data management.

The investigation was carried out from 3rd April 2020 to 19th April 2020.The population under investigation consisted of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 and their close contacts. For the purpose of this investigation, the primary case was identified through the test results from the National Influenza and Kenya Medical Research (KEMRI) Laboratories.


  • To support the county in active case search
  • To support the county in conducting contact tracing
  • To capacity build county Rapid Response Team and data management teams

Activities carried out:

  • Sensitized all sub counties on harmonised case and contact tracing tools
  • Sensitized sub county and county teams on Kenya EMR reporting platform for COVID-19
  • Participated in contact tracing
  • Supported the county teams with data management. This includes support to streamline data sources, data analysis, mapping, drafting and sharing of daily situational reports and summaries.

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