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 Fumigation at Bandari Clinic
KFELTP resident and county disease surveillance team conducting case investigation following an alert. Ganze subcounty, Kilifi County, April 2020

COVID-19 Outbreak Response in Kilifi County

As at 31st march 2020, Kilifi county had reported six confirmed COVID-19 cases and had traced and followed up 146 contacts. The County being a tourist destination, had a possibility of missed cases and contacts. Additionally, there was evidence of community transmission necessitating enhanced active case search and contact tracing. Given the high number of contacts and a probable exponential increase in the number of cases, the county required additional support to ensure all suspected COVID-19 cases are investigated and tested, and that their contacts are listed and followed up. By this time, the Ministry of Health (MOH) had launched a web based reporting platform for COVID-19 cases and their contacts. Therefore a team from FELTP was constituted to provide technical support to Kilifi County.

The investigation was conducted between 31st March 2020 and 16th April 2020. The population under investigation consisted of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 and their close contacts.

The objectives of the activity included:

  • To work with Kilifi County emergency response teams to conduct active case search in the community and in the health facilities
  • To work with the county teams to list and follow up contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • To assess the preparedness and response to COVID-19 pandemic in Kilifi County
  • To capacity build county staff on better data management and on use the national web-based (online) platform for COVID-19 data management.

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