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Residents & Faculty conducting retrospective review of records
KFELTP resident and county disease surveillance team conducting retrospective review of records. Kiambu County, April 2020

COVID-19 Outbreak Response in Kiambu County

FELTP team visited Kiambu County in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the county and were welcomed by the County Member and Director of Health. The team also met some members of the county health management team that constitutes the County COVID-19 Incident Management System. The county had initiated some response activities to curb the spread of the disease but needed more support.

The investigation was conducted between 23rd April 2020 and 29th April 2020. The population under investigation consisted of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 and their close contacts.


  • To work with Kiambu County emergency response teams to conduct active case search in the community and in the health facilities
  • To work with the county teams to list and follow up contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • To assess the preparedness and response to COVID-19 pandemic in Kiambu County
  • To capacity build county staff on better data management and on use the national web-based (online) platform for COVID-19 data management.

Activities carried out:

  • Supported Contact tracing activities including sensitizing and mentoring rapid response teams from various sub-counties.
  • Assisted county to set up County Incident Command Team that would be coordinating daily COVID-19 response activities within the county.
  • Supported the county to carry out active case search in the health facilities and in the community
  • Assessment of the county's preparedness and response towards COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Provided mentorship on data management which includes orientation on the online platform for reporting covid19 cases and contacts, establishing a database and data cleaning.

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